The power of Jumlas…

Adrit Mishra
3 min readMay 19, 2018

History makes a man wise,

Poetry makes him witty,

Mathematics makes him subtle,

Natural philosophy makes him think deep,

Logic and Rhetoric makes him able to contend,

What does Govinda’s and Kader Khan’s dialogues do?

They take him into a fun filled ride of ‘Jumlasto relieve him of all the tensions and anxiety!

Who can forget the awesome combination of Kader Khan and Govinda, when they were simply on a roll, delivering hits after hits? But only a few would have noticed the introduction of something unique. No, they are not poems, not verses, not even rhymes: they are indeed a unique style of representation of something witty and humour filled, which beautifully captures the deep hidden human emotions. They were called ‘Jumlas’ by Kader Khan.

To suppress any further anxiety, let’s take a sneak peek into one of the movies of the famous duo which highlights the above said scientific phenomenon:

Heroine’s big muscular brother to Govinda (who puts forth a proposal to marry the beautiful damsel): Tumhe andaza bhi hai ki meri haisiyat kya hai?

Govinda (And here came the first jumla):

उखड़े हुए poster की छटपत्ताती गोंद,

भुजे हुए मोमबती की बिखरी हुई मोम,

खाने की थाली में बचे हुए चिक्केन के bone,

Mobile phone के सबसे सस्ते ring tone,

दे दे अपनी बहिन मुझे in gift,

इस से हो जाएगी तेरी औकात lift.

That signalled the arrival of the concept of ‘Spiritual Thinking’: creative thinking at its peak.

So, what does the usage of jumla in normal conversations does to an individual? It enables the integration of inner self with the cosmic spirits, which in a way is a route to the acquisition of higher knowledge. Basically, it lets the creative juices flow!

Let’s see where all these jumlas can be used:

Scene 1: A guy proposing to a girl:

सोचता हु तेरे बारे में दिन रात ,

Conclusion ये निकला के तुझमे है कोई खास बात,

रखूँगा तुझे खुश life long,

आओ गले मिल के गाएँ एक छोटू सा love song.

Scene 2: A smart Girl rejecting the same proposal from the guy

नहीं है तेरी आवाज़ में वो दम,

Salary भी है तेरी बड़ी कम,

बिन पैसे के कौन सा joy,

ये मेरा दिल है दिल, नहीं कोई सस्ती toy.

Scene 3: An employer asking for a holiday from his boss

काम किया है मैंने दिन रात,

बज गई है मेरी personal life की waat,

मांगता हूँ off for one week,

नहीं तो पड़ेगी मुझे मेरे बीवी से on my cheek,

Scene 4: A father scolding a guy irritating his daughter

सस्ते camera के उखड़े हुए roll,

पुराने चप्पल की घिसी हुई sole,

जलते हुए आग से मत खेलो,

बंद करो मेरी बेटी को बोलना हेल्लो.

Scene 5: A father cheering his young daughter as she is sad

चख दे फट्ठे नाप दे गिल्ली,

Oh My Lilly, don’t be silly,

मनोज कुमार की फिल्मे देखना करो बंद,

गोविंदा की तरह रखो अपने जलते हुए दिल पे ठण्ड

Scene 6: Dhoni to Sachin awaiting his 100th century

कब तक डालू मै इस सूखे खेत में पानी,

आखिर तू है इस सल्तनत की रानी,

बुझे हुए दिए की मरी हुई लौह,

कब मरेगा आख़िरकार तू सौ?

Scene 7: An investment Banker talking to his mother, after a long night

बन गया हूँ मै Google Search का बादशाह,

अँधेरी रातो का हूँ मै शहंशाह,

पैसों को खर्च करने का ढूंड रहा हु मै time,

ये 4 line भी कराया हूँ किसी और से rhyme,

मर गई है मेरी creativity,

नहीं रहा आब मै अपने बीवी के लिए witty.

This was just a glimpse of how lively a talk can become with the use of these colourful jumlas. The insertion of these golden lines in, a say, either a normal boring conversation or even a tensed situation can be just like a breath of fresh air. After all, Navjot Singh Sidhu has established his name with the very use of these jumlas.

So next time, when you are asking a girl out, try out this particular jumla:

लग रही हो आज तूम बड़ी माल,

Suit करता है रंग तुम पे लाल,

बड़े ही silky है तुम्हारे बाल,

उसको करेगी complement मेरी ये sexy चाल,

करना चाहता हूँ तुमसे talk,

चलोगी मेरे साथ on a walk,

इस सुहाने मौसम में खाएंगे साथ घी डाल के रोटी,

ऑफिस में बैठ के न करो अपना time खोटी!!



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